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Country express timetable

Passenger Bookings

ALL Passengers Need To Book

Please note that ALL Passengers now need to book a seat on all South Burnett services. 

  • Please book through your local agent 


  • Please phone our Reservations centre on (07) 3355 0034

Caboolture to Murgon

   Sunday  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
 Caboolture  5.20pm   5.20pm   5.20pm   5.20pm   5.20pm   5.20pm   5.20pm
 Wamuran  5.25pm   5.25pm   5.25pm   5.25pm   5.25pm   5.25pm   5.25pm
 Woodford  5.35pm   5.35pm   5.35pm   5.35pm   5.35pm   5.35pm   5.35pm
 Kilcoy  5.55pm   5.55pm   5.55pm   5.55pm   5.55pm   5.55pm   5.55pm
 Moore  6.20pm   6.20pm   6.20pm   6.20pm   6.20pm   6.20pm   6.20pm
 Blackbutt  6.35pm   6.35pm   6.35pm   6.35pm   6.35pm   6.35pm   6.35pm
 Yarraman  6.45pm   6.45pm   6.45pm   6.45pm   6.45pm   6.45pm   6.45pm
 Nanango  7.05pm   7.05pm   7.05pm   7.05pm   7.05pm   7.05pm   7.05pm
 Kingaroy  7.30pm   7.30pm   7.30pm   7.30pm   7.30pm   7.30pm   7.30pm
 Wooroolin  7.40pm   7.40pm   7.40pm   7.40pm   7.40pm   7.40pm   7.40pm
 Wondai  7.55pm   7.55pm    7.55pm    7.55pm    7.55pm    7.55pm    7.55pm 
 Murgon  8.15pm   8.15pm    8.15pm    8.15pm    8.15pm    8.15pm    8.15pm 
Service No. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Murgon to Caboolture

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Murgon  7.00am  7.00am   7.00am   7.00am   7.00am   7.00am   7.00am 
Wondai  7.10am  7.10am   7.10am   7.10am   7.10am   7.10am   7.10am 
Wooroolin  7.20am  7.20am   7.20am   7.20am   7.20am   7.20am   7.20am 
Kingaroy  7.40am  7.40am   7.40am   7.40am   7.40am   7.40am   7.40am 
Nanango  8.05am  8.05am   8.05am   8.05am   8.05am   8.05am   8.05am 
Yarraman  8.20am  8.20am   8.20am   8.20am   8.20am   8.20am   8.20am 
Blackbutt  8.35am  8.35am   8.35am   8.35am   8.35am   8.35am   8.35am 
Moore  8.55am  8.55am   8.55am   8.55am   8.55am   8.55am   8.55am 
Kilcoy  9.15am  9.15am   9.15am   9.15am   9.15am   9.15am   9.15am 
Woodford  9.35am  9.35am   9.35am   9.35am   9.35am   9.35am   9.35am 
Wamuran  9.45am  9.45am   9.45am   9.45am   9.45am   9.45am   9.45am 
Caboolture  10.00am  10.00am   10.00am   10.00am   10.00am   10.00am   10.00am 
Service No. 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

+ Caboolture Pickup must be booked by phoning the Brisbane Office on (07) 3355 0034.

Wheelchairs Welcome

Please call us on (07)3355 0034 at least 24hrs PRIOR to travel so we can make sure there is room for your wheelchair.

Long Weekends and Public Holidays

ALL Services Run As Normal

Please note that ALL services now run as normal on Long Weekends and Public Holidays

  •  For More Information, Please Phone (07) 3355 0034


Urban route timetable

Dayboro to Strathpine

  Monday to Friday  
  AM PM    
Dayboro 6.40 7.45 3.45 4.55    
Rush Creek            
Petrie 7.00 8.03 4.06 5.16    
Strathpine   8.10 4.10 5.20    
Service No            

Strathpine to Dayboro

  Monday to Friday  
  AM PM    
Strathpine   4.10 5.40    
Petrie   4.30 6.10    
Whiteside   -- --    
Rush Creek   -- --    
Dayboro   4.55 6.30    
Service No