Applying for school bus travel


The Queensland Department of Transport operates two modes of school bus travel assistance (STAS) schemes which are designed to:

  • help reduce the cost to parents for students using school bus travel,
  • promote patronage, and
  • reduce vehicle traffic from parents driving their children to school
There are two types of assistance:
  • Distance Based Assistance
  • Safety-net Assistance
Distance Based Assistance Eligibility


The following is a brief summary of eligibility for distance based assistance and should be used as a guide only.  Please refer to the School Transport Assistance Scheme for full details or contact your nearest Queensland Department of Transport office.

To be eligible for distance based assistance, students must meet the distance criteria relevant to their circumstances, as well as satisfy the general conditions of the scheme.

  • Primary School Students must live more than 3.2 km from the nearest State Primary school
  • Secondary School Students must live more than 4.8 km from the nearest State Secondary School
  • Non-State School Students are eligible through to their nearest State Primary or Secondary School providing the distance criteria above is satisfied.  They are then required to pay a top-up fare from their nearest State Primary or Secondary School to their school of choice.
Safety-net Assistance Eligibility


Safety-net bus travel assistance is available for financially disadvantage students who live close to their nearest school. It is available to students travelling on their kilometre-based or fares-based school bus services. To be eligible for safety-net assistance, students must meet the distance critera above as well as the safety-net eligibility criteria set out below.

To be eligible for safety-net assistance the student must be listed as a dependant on the applicant's:

  • Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card issued by Services Australia, or
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card
Students who have a card issued in their own name, as well as students under a Care and Protection order issued by the Department of Communities (Child Safety Services), may also qualify for safety-net assistance.

Other criteria:

  • The student must not be in receipt of any other School Transport Assistance Scheme assistance
  • Applications must be in the name of the cardholder and require evidence of eligibility under safety-net guidelines
  • The card holder must sign a certificate allowing data matching to occur with Services Australia.  Applicants who do not agree to this condition will not be eligible to receive safety-net
What if I don't meet either Distance Based or Safety-net Criteria?


We have a solution for you.

Students who do not meet the above criteria for travel assistance are still more than welcome to use our services; however they will be required to pay a cash fare for the entire trip.  The full fare payable will be based on individual circumstances.

Please complete a Distance Based Application Form which will provide us with all the details we need to register your child(ren)'s details in our system and issue bus passes.


How to Apply


Step 1: Complete the appopriate application form by clicking the below
Important key points for completing your application form are ensuring you:
  • Provide an emergency contact number,
  • Provide a valid email address,
  • Complete all sections of the application form correctly, and
  • Sign and date your application in the correct place
Incomplete applications will require additional information from you before we can successfully process your application.  This will delay your application and bus pass(es) being issued.
Travel Frequency (Section 6 on both application forms)
Each student must apply for travel for a minimum of 2 trips per week.
If a studen wishes to travel on a day (AM or PM) that has not been applied for, then they must pay the full cash fare for that trip.
To avoid confusion or uncertainy about fare payments when travelling, students for whom travel may be sporadic or inconsistent are recommended to apply for travel Monday-Friday both AM and PM.
Step 2: Submit your completed application form to Brisbane Bus Lines
You can submit your application by either:
  • An attachment in an email to schools [at] (preferred method)
  • Online HERE via the Queensland Transport website
  • Via post addressed to: Brisbane Bus Lines, School Services, PO Box 141, Alderley, QLD 4051
By submitting an application form for Bus Travel Assistance to us, you are also registering acceptance of the "Code of Conduct for students travelling on buses," which can be found HERE and on our website at 
Step 3: Once we receive your application
Brisbane Bus Lines will review your applicaiton against the set eligibility critera and if successful will notify you in writing of our interim approval and issue bus pass(es).
We may need to contact you if clarificaiton is required for any part of your application before we can issue an interim approval.
Final approval will be issued to you in writing by the Queensland Department of Transport.
You will need to submit a new application form if any of the following details change:
  • Change of travel frequency, 
  • Change of your registered address with the school,
  • Your child(ren) move to a different school, 
  • Your child(ren) progress from Primary School to Secondary School (Year 6 to Year 7) even if there is no physical change of school
To ensure we keep you up-to-date with service information or in the unlikely event of an emergency we require a phone number and email address on file for each student.  If your phone number or email address changes please let us know via email on: schools [at]
If you no longer require travel please let us know via email on: schools [at]