BBL Services through Lockdown Period


School Services, The 399 Service Samford – Ferny Grove Service & Brisbane 3-day lockdown 5pm Mon 29/03/21 to Thurs 01/04/21

Brisbane Bus Lines have been given verbal advice that all government contracted school services must continue to operate through the 3-day lockdown period to provide transport for children of essential workers.  Students on school services are exempt from wearing face masks

A list of these school services can be found here:

These services will operate as normal on Tuesday 30/01/21, Wednesday 31/01/21 and Thursday 01/04/2021, which was due to be the final day of term 1, 2021. 

The Translink 399 Service which operates from Samford to Ferny Grove station in the morning and Ferny Grove station back to Samford in the evenings will continue to operate as normal.  Please note however that this service does not operate on weekends & public holidays and therefore will not operate on Good Friday 02/04/21 and Easter Monday 05/04/21.

As per the advice on the QLD Health Website, masks must be worn on all public transport, however masks do not need to be worn in some circumstances, including children under 12 years  or where people have certain medical conditions.