Settlement Rd Closure 3/3/22

Settlement Road Closure 
Service Changes from Thursday 3rd March 2022
Please read carefully
Commencing from tomorrow Thursday 3rd March 2022, we are implementing some changes to our morning and afternoon services that would normally use Settlement Road in The Gap to help with travel times.
Morning Service Changes:
School Bus 77 (from Ferny Grove Station) will service the following schools:
• Mitchelton High School
• Mt Maria Mitchelton
• The Gap High School
School Bus 17 (from Ferny Grove Station) will service the following schools:
• Hillbrook
• Mt St Michaels
• Marist College Ashgrove
There are NO changes to the departure times of these services from Ferny Grove Station.
Staff from Brisbane Bus Lines will be in attendance at Ferny Grove Station bus interchange to ensure students are on the correct bus for their school.
Depending on passenger numbers and for safety reasons, Brisbane Bus Lines staff may direct a school cohort onto the other service and direct the driver to stop accordingly.
Afternoon Service Changes:

School Bus 12 – will commence 3.00pm at The Gap High School
The Gap High School students will board at the bus stop OPPOSITE the school (BT The Gap 34). We will advise The Gap High School about this change so their staff are aware.
• The Gap High School
• Mt St Michaels
• Marist College Ashgrove
School Bus 12 will connect at Ferny Grove with our 4.15pm services as normal.
School Bus 12 will then become School Bus 58 which services Ferny Hills and Bunya.
A spare school bus will be available at Ferny Grove Station to service any students whose travel requirements are not covered by our normal 4.15pm services
If your child does not attend any of the above schools and does not use the above services, then please disregard this notice.
We apologise for the late notice and thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this major road closure.
If you need further assistance then please call our office on 07 3354 3633.
Kind regards
School Services
Brisbane Bus Lines