Term 2 Timetable Updates - Effective Monday 19/04/2021


School Bus 61 merged with School Bus 60

Due to patronage, School Bus 61 has now been formally merged with School Bus 60.

Students who previously used School Bus 61 in the AM should now use School Bus 60.


School Bus 17

The timetable has been updated to formalise this service travelling through to Dayboro Cemetery and Dayboro Pool in the afternoons.


Williams Street, Dayboro Afternoon Drop Off Location

In response to safety concerns raised, a safety audit conducted by QLD Transport and a survey of parents conducted by BBL which supported the below changes, our services will no longer stop along Williams Street inbound to Dayboro in the afternoons (when travelling from Petrie).

In order to provide safer drop off locations for students travelling through to Dayboro, services will now:

  1. Travel express from Saddleback Drive through to McKenzie Street
  2. Dayboro State School
  3. Drop at Dayboro Cemetery
  4. Drop at Dayboro Pool

This effects the following afternoon Services:

  • School Bus 41
  • School Bus 42
  • School Bus 43
  • School Bus 46
If these changes adversely effect you, please direct your feedback to Moreton Bay Regional Council and or QLD Transport.
Oatlands Court Service - Wights Mountain
The following services have been updated to service families along Oatlands Court at Wights Mountain:
  • School Bus 72 AM & PM
  • School Bus 74 AM
  • School Bus 76 PM