School Bus Passes


If you are eligable, Queensland Transport requires a new Bus Travel Assistance Application (BTA) for children changing from Primary to secondary school starting year 7, even if they are remaining at the same school.

This being the case if your child completed year 6 in 2020 and intends on using our services for transport to or from school during 2021 please complete a new BTA form and return it to our office as soon as possible.

Click here to get a copy of  BTA form and further information about the Bus Travel Assistance Scheme can be found at:

All other children who utilise our services not transitioning from primary to secondary school are automatically shifted up one grade and bus passes will be issued & posted by the end the  first week of the 1st Term. 

If you do not receive your child/ren's bus pass by the end of the first week of 1st Term please phone our office on 3354 3633 or email schools [at]