What do I do if my child looses their bus pass?

You will need to apply for a new bus pass and pay $22.00.

You can call our office on 3354 3633 or your child can get a Bus Pass Replacement Form from the driver.  Once you have filled the form in you can have your child hand it back to the driver who will return it to our office. A good idea is to write a note for your child to carry and show when boarding the bus, stating that you have applied for a new bus pass and waiting for it to arrive.  

What do I need to do if my child is changing schools or we are changing our address?

If your child is changing schools or you have moved to a new address you will need to fill out a new BTA form and return to our office.

All details on the form need to be current and the same as what the child’s details are at the school.

Do I need to fill in a new application (BTA Form) every year when circumstances/details are the same?

If no details have changed you do not have to fill in a new BTA Form.