Brisbane Bus Lines requires all students who travel on our services to be registered.

Benefits to registration include:

  • Helping us monitor passenger numbers across our network
  • Let’s us keep you updated on any changes to our school bus network
  • Provides us with emergency contact information

Your data privacy is important to us – please review our policy if you have any concerns.

How to register your child(ren) for School Bus Travel

There are two ways you can register your child(ren) for school bus travel:

  1. Click here to access the TMR Online Portal to lodge your application.
    TMR will then forward your application to us for processing.

Parents / carers with children in shared care arrangements must use the TMR Online Portal and submit two applications (one for each address) which will allow a student to use our school bus service from two residential addresses.

  1. Please click the link below to download and complete a PDF copy of the QLD Government – Bus Travel Application Form:
    BTA Application Form.PDF

Please email the completed BTA form to us at Schools [at]

Note: Both methods capture the information we need, whether you are eligible for STAS or not. 

Notes for completing the BTA Application Form PDF:

You can use the same form for up to 4 children.

Page 1

Section 1

  • · Principal place of residence – this must be the same address the student is registered under with their school.
  • · Please provide at least one mobile / landline number.
  • · Please include at least one email address.

Section 2

  • · Complete as required.

Page 2

Section 3

  • · Complete as required.

Section 4

  • · Please ensure you provide current school grade(s) and date(s) of birth for each student.

Section 5

  • · Please include student name(s) and school(s) attended.

Section 6

(STAS eligible students)

  • · Use this section to indicate which day(s) you are applying for STAS.

Please note – travel on any day not ticked will mean the student has to pay the full fare – this information is printed on their bus pass.

If unsure of student’s travel needs, we suggest ticking all boxes, so you know you’re covered.

(Non-STAS eligible students or just for registration)

  • · Please tick all boxes as your child will pay the same fare each day.

Section 7

  • · Please provide details of other family members who are also registered.

Page 3

Section 8

  • · Please sign and date the Certification by parent / guardian

Please note – you may need to print Page 3, sign and date it, then scan and add to your email before submitting to us.

Digital signatures are accepted by QLD Transport

SECTION B – to be completed by the bus operator.

Please DO NOT complete this section. 


Please add any notes you think we need to know about for your application / registration. 

That’s it! 

Save your completed PDF so you can reuse it for later applications.

Email as an attachment to:

Schools [at] 

We will acknowledge receipt of your application by reply and will be in contact should we have any queries during processing.

Registration Processing

  • · We will use the details in your application to register your child in our student travel system, along with your contact information.
  • · If you are applying for STAS using the BTA Application PDF we then forward your application onto QLD Transport for their final approval.
  • · We will then issue a bus pass for each previously unregistered child the application is for and mail them out to you using your registered address or PO Box if provided.
  • · For students who are already registered (and therefore already have a bus pass), we will update their bus pass details in our system, and they will continue to use their issued pass.
  • · Application processing takes an average time of 2 weeks, but this can be longer at the start of the school year.