Charter Services Fuel Surcharge 2022


To our valued charter clients,

We are sure you will all be feeling the pain of the recent spike in fuel prices, with fuel increasing by over $1.00/litre in the last 12 months – an increase of 82%.  The CPI increase alone for the transport industry has increased by 12.5% nationally, which is the largest increase in CPI of any groups.

Since the middle of 2021, Brisbane Bus Lines has absorbed these ever-increasing costs, which are essential in the delivery of our service. Unfortunately, the ongoing rising costs can no longer be absorbed by us wholly and we are now in the unfortunate position of having to pass some of this on to our valued clients.

As a result of the above, there will be a fuel surcharge added to our Charter pricing to take effect on all new quotes and bookings from the 17th of March 2022.

Currently charters that have been previously confirmed for future months will not be adjusted.

The fuel surcharge will be an additional line item to new quotes and bookings.

Should the situation improve and costs drop this decrease will be passed on promptly to all our valued clients.

We value your continued support and look forward to providing the same high standard of service to you going forward.

Should you have any queries relating to this email please contact our office directly on 07 3354 3633.

The BBL Team