TransportMe - Electronic Ticketing

Brisbane Bus Lines, in partnership with QLD Transport is rolling out TransportMe across our school bus network.

We began with a pilot implementation back in 2022 and we will be introducing TransportMe across our entire network from the start of the school year in 2024.

TransportMe Smartcards Explained

TransportMe smartcards operate in a similar way to Translink GoCards:

  • Funds are loaded onto the smartcard via the TransportMe app.
  • The student taps their card on a reader inside the bus at their pickup location and again at their destination.
  • Any required fare is automatically deducted from the funds on the card.

Special note: Translink GoCards are not accepted on our school bus services.

Registering for a Smartcard

All students registered with us for school bus travel will be issued a TransportMe smartcard. New students will receive their smartcard once their registration has been completed, along with instructions for the parent in how to setup their smartcards using the TransportMe app and adding funds.

Using the Passenger App

As part of the TransportMe system, there is a downloadable App from Google and Apple stores. Parents / Carers and students can use this app to:

  • · Manage registered smartcards.
  • · View transactions.
  • · Add funds, including setting up the auto-top up feature.
  • · Track our school buses live using GPS.
  • · Set up push notifications.

Brisbane Bus Lines will include the unique credentials required to register their child’s smartcard in the app in the pack we send out with each smartcard.

There is also an online guide located here.

Tracking, Smartcard use and Data Collection

Each school bus is fitted with equipment which allows TransportMe to GPS track the bus along its route.

Students MUST tap their smartcard on the reader when boarding the bus. This lets the system know where and when the student boarded.

Students MUST tap their smartcard on the reader again when they de-board the bus. This lets the system know where and when the student de-boarded.

The tapping on and off is a critical safety feature of the system:

  • In an emergency, we can interrogate the system to determine if a student is still on the bus, and if not, where they got off. Students who fail to tap off correctly will be considered as still being on the bus, which could have serious issues in an emergency.
  • Parents can receive push notifications when their child uses their smartcard.
  • It allows bus operators to capture accurate and detailed information on school bus utilisation, helping us ensure our school buses run as efficiently as possible.


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