Wedding Transfers

Brisbane Bus Lines for your wedding. One of the biggest challenges with planning a wedding is making travel arrangements.
You already need to deal with the transportation of the wedding party. You may also need to make arrangements for some of your out-of-town guests.
With Brisbane Bus Lines, you can simplify those wedding plans. 
Make sure that everyone arrives at the wedding on time and in style with Brisbane Bus Lines.
Here are some of the ways that you can use a Brisbane Bus Lines Motorcoach or Bus to ensure your wedding goes as planned.

• Transportation of the Wedding Party

• Transportation of the Bride or Groom’s family

• Transportation of your Guests

You can even decorate the interior and/or exterior of the Buses, Motorcoaches or Mini-Buses (within reason of course).

The bus can pick up guests directly from their hotel and take them to the restaurant or location of the Ceremony or Reception. Once the Reception is complete, the bus can make sure that everyone gets back to their hotel.