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## Connection sheets currently under construction ## 

For updated timetable information please ensure you check the relevant timetable from our timetable list

Some hyperlinks require updating please use the connection sheets to find the relevant bus number required and check our timetable list



Brisbane Bus Lines have a network of interconnecting services covering a vast geographical area.

To identify whether we have a transport solution for you, below is a list of all the schools and or train stations we service.

The school of your choice may not be accessible on our network, however we may be able to offer a transport solution for part of the journey to your school via transfer to another mode of transport at Ferny Grove or Petrie Stations.

Open the PDF Attachment for your school or train station option. 

This will then open a list of both morning & afternoon travel options for your chosen school/train station.
The below attachments provide service options to a particular school. Ferny Grove Station or Petrie Station.

Each Service should be read from left to right.

Services in green indicate a direct service.

Services in pink indicate a connection is required.

Clicking on the timetable and/or map link, will show you the streets and key timing points through your suburb, including more detailed information on any bus connection points. In some cases, more than one service may travel through a particular suburb. You may need to view more than one timetable in order to identify the best pick up or connection point for you.


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