School Bus Travel – important tips & notes for parents and students

All our school bus services are "Hail to Ride / Request to Stop":

-          Students must hail the bus to alert the driver to stop

-          Student must verbally ask the driver to stop when they want to get off.

Most of our services operate in semi-rural areas with very few purpose-built bus stops

-          Choose a location that is safe to wait and safe/legal for the bus to stop

-          If unsure, check with the driver or call our office for advice 

Be sure to wait at the pickup location at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

-          Avoid being late or rushing for the bus 

Be clearly visible to the driver and hail the bus on approach, giving the driver plenty of time to stop safely.

-          Trees and other vehicles may prevent the driver from seeing you and not stopping

-          Do not be waiting inside a car at the bus stop – even in bad weather

Wait for the bus to stop and the door to open before approaching the vehicle

-          Stay back from the kerb

-          Stay clear of doors, bus doors can open in unexpected ways

Ensure you have your bus pass and any payable fare each time you travel

-          If you have forgotten your bus pass or money, always tell the driver your name when you get on the bus.

-          The driver will never refuse travel if this occurs

Quickly find a seat and store any bags underneath

-          Keep the centre aisle clear to avoid trips and falls 

Always listen to the driver and follow their instructions

-          They are there to keep you and others on the bus safe

Create groups

-          Reduce the number of times the bus must stop by organising into groups with your siblings and neighbourhood friends

Respect the driver and other bus users

-          Read and understand the Code of Conduct

-          No Food or Drink is allowed on School Buses

-          Always stay in your seat

-          Always wear a seatbelt (if one is fitted)

-          Use the handrails or handgrips if standing

Friendly faces

-          Most services do NOT have a dedicated driver and you can expect to see a different driver from time to time

Afternoon Drop-offs and Pickups

-          In a loud and clear voice, you must tell the driver when approaching your stop

-          Make sure you give the driver plenty of time to stop safely

-          De-board the bus and stand back – wait for the bus to drive away

-          Never attempt to cross the road IN FRONT or BEHIND a parked bus

-          Parents / Carers – must be waiting on the same side of the road

-          We all want to avoid excited children running across the road


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