Ferny Grove High School - Intentional Collaboration Time on Thursday's

Beginning in Week 1 Term 1 2024, Ferny Grove State High School have
introduced "Intentional Collaboration Time" for teachers every Thursday
afternoon, allowing students to leave school at 1.15pm.

All students who cannot make their way home after lunch, will stay at school and
engage in independent study where they will be supervised by staff. Once the bell
goes at 3.05pm, students can head home on buses using our normal services.

The school's FAQ on this subject can be found here.

Brisbane Bus Lines was consulted prior to this change and we confirmed then
that we are not able to provide additional early school bus transport for students
at 1.15pm. Brisbane Bus Lines will continue to provide our regular 3.30pm
services on Thursdays.

We operate a complex network of over 40 school buses, servicing over 40
schools. With numerous dependent connections between our buses, we simply
don't have the ability to accommodate changes to individual school bell times.


Kind regards

School Services