Heavy Rainfall Effecting Services Friday 16/02/2024 - 10.30am

HEAVY RAINFALL EFFECTING SERVICES - FRI 16/02/2024 - Update 10.30am 

This message has also been emailed to all registered parents / care-givers, and schools in our area.
Brisbane Bus Lines continues to monitor road closures around the Samford to Dayboro area, and across our school bus network coverage area in general, throughout this morning.
There are a number of road’s closed as of this morning.
These can be viewed at: Road Condition Information: https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au/
Known closed roads that will impact services (at the time of writing) are:
  • Hulcombe Road / Ryder Road
  • Cedar Creek Road
  • Kobble Creek Road
  • Youngs Crossing Road
  • Bells Pocket Road
We are currently waiting on advice from St Pauls as to whether the school will close early today. If so then School Bus 79 from St Pauls will not operate this afternoon.
All other school bus services will operate this afternoon Friday 16/02/2024 to the best of their abilities, considering road closures and local conditions.
If you have concerns that the school bus service/s your child/ren use will not be able to traverse the route all the way home or to the usual location they de-board, please make alternative arrangements to collect your child/ren from school.
At present, all school services will be operational Monday morning 19/02/2024 to the best of their abilities, subject to road closures and changes to conditions over the weekend.
Kind regards
School Services