Coaches are an ideal option for large groups embarking on short or long-distance tours.  These vehicles seat 48 to 56 passengers and come fitted with Reclining Seats, Footrests, Seat Belts, Air Conditioning and Luggage Storage Bins underneath the vehicle.  Coach vehicles also come with options of Toilets and DVD Players for increased passenger comfort and enjoyment.  Most vehicles have the capacity to tow large Luggage Trailers ideal for additional luggage storage or band equipment. 
Seating info: 
Our Coaches vary in style and looks and can carry upto 56 seatbelted passengers in Air Conditoned Comfort


Touring Coach
Seatbelts For Peace Of Mind
Seats-Different Styles & Colours
On-board Movies
Chilled Water On Board Most Coaches
Restroom On Board Most Coaches
Large Luggage Areas